Another Bear Encounter Caught-on-Camera on the Slopes of Heavenly Mountain

A Northern California family experienced the thrill of a lifetime when they spotted a black bear on the slopes of Heavenly Mountain Resort over the weekend

Danielle Brill, on a belated Christmas ski and snowboarding trip, was making a run at Heavenly on Friday afternoon when she came face-to-face with the bear. She removed her snowboard for a swift getaway and managed to capture the moment on her phone as the bear eventually climbed up a tree. Later, she observed a man seemingly approaching the bear, triggering a tense moment as the bear bolted away at full speed.

She caught the encounter on camera:

This incident was just a month after another bear encounter on the slopes of Heavenly, when a bear bolted across a crowded run at the resort.

The Bear League at Lake Tahoe advises that when encountering a bear, it’s crucial to maintain a safe distance. Bears have a comfort boundary, usually around 20 to 50 feet, and crossing it can provoke them to seek an escape route. Bears will run over anything in their path to flee, not out of aggression, but fear.

A spokesperson for Heavenly Mountain Resort urged guests to respect the wildlife and keep their distance, recommending that any sightings be reported to U.S. Fish and Wildlife and to inform the ski patrol and mountain safety teams.

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