Bear Hilariously Stops and Poses for a Trail Cam in Northern California Wilderness

Randy Robbins has become well known throughout Northern California for his fantastic trail camera photography of wildlife in the region, specifically in Lassen County. His award-winning photography has been shared by wildlife enthusiasts around the world, with his recent photo of the Lassen Pack gaining both local and national press.

His most recent photo of a bear in the wilderness is stunning, and the video (above) when the scene was captured in downright hilarious.

Setting up a complex trail cam system in areas throughout Lassen, he uses motion sensors to land the perfect photos of wildlife. The photos use a flash as soon as the animal is seen on the sensor, and this bear hilariously stops and poses for the perfect shot.

“The look you get when your mom told you to NEVER get caught in a camera trap, and you know you screwed up,” Robbins wrote on his popular Facebook page.

Here is the outcome of the photo:

Another fantastic shot by Randy Robbins! Listen to our conversation with him about capturing a rare photo of the Lassen Pack here.

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