VIDEO: Kings Beach Gas Station Employee Confronts Tahoe Bear Attempting to Break into Store

The recent weeks have seen a lot of videos of bears entering businesses for human food in the Lake Tahoe community of Kings Beach. A giant bear has entered Safeway twice in just over a week, grabbing some food and eating it in the parking lot. But the above video of bears casually walking into a gas station convenience store and eating candy is the craziest yet.

The gas station has release three videos showing bears entering the store and devouring its food. In one, a bear is standing in the entranceway, only for a patron to slap it in the butt to get it to keep moving.

But the most shocking clip has to be when a store worker confronts the bear at the doorway, only for the bear to snip at him before devouring a whole pile of candy.

Tahoe’s King Beach community is used to having run ins with bears. During the summer months, bears emerge from hibernation to enjoy the beautiful wilderness surrounding Tahoe and get their paws on some coveted human food. While some bears in the Tahoe area may be skittish while trying to get some human food, others have become so comfortable with their human neighbors that they will calmly get whatever they can whenever they can.

Learn more about the controversy surrounding Tahoe’s growing bear population.

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