Bill Proposes Renaming Redwood Trail in Honor of Late Senator Dianne Feinstein

A new bill introduced by Rep. Jared Huffman and Rep. Mike Thompson aims to rename one of Humboldt County’s most picturesque trails after the late California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The Senator Dianne Feinstein Memorial Trail Act proposes renaming the Elk River Trail in the Headwaters Forest Reserve as a tribute to Feinstein, California’s first female U.S. Senator. Feinstein served nearly six terms in Congress before her passing in September at the age of 90.

“Lake Tahoe, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley (National) Park, and the Headwaters Forest Reserve are examples of (Feinstein’s) dedication to protecting California,” Thompson said in a statement. “(S)he was a steadfast advocate for protecting our beautiful state, and this bill is a testament to her outstanding efforts to ensure that future Californians will be able to share in the beauty.”

Feinstein played a crucial role in brokering the 1999 deal in which the U.S. government acquired 7,472 acres of pristine redwood forest from the Pacific Lumber Co., then owned by the Maxxam Corp.

If passed, the renaming of the Elk River Trail would stand as a lasting tribute to Senator Feinstein’s contributions to the state. Do you agree with the name change?

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