Boys Spend School Night Landing 20-Pound Chinook Salmon on the Sacramento River

School night’s are typically made for after-school activities and homework, but if you’re lucky, you might just get a nice outdoor adventure in without the stress of the early morning to-be.

Two NorCal boys were featured on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife social media pages recently, showing a massive chinook salmon that they landed on the Sacramento River.

“These two Sacramento boys last week were treated to a school-night fishing trip and had to take turns reeling in this hot, fresh-from-the-ocean, 20-pound-plus Chinook salmon in order to give their arms a rest and land the fish,” the post read. “Well done boys — and all the moms and dads out there who steal a few hours to take their kids hunting and fishing during the week.”

Nice catch! Here at Active NorCal, we strongly support any break from the day-to-day madness we all live in to enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors. And this year’s fall-run chinook salmon is some one of the great things we have going in Northern California.

For this catch, we’ll give them an A.

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