Brand-New Surf Park Coming to Northern California

Surfing enthusiasts in Northern California may soon have the opportunity to catch epic waves without traveling to the coast. This week, a brand-new surf park was announced to be in development in the Rocklin area, just outside Sacramento

The visionary behind this remarkable venture is Chris Gallardo, Founder and CEO of Inland Surf Company. Having left his job at Apple a few years ago, Gallardo is now on a mission to bring the first-ever surf park to Northern California with Alchemy Surf Park.

This pioneering project is set to occupy 20 acres of the expansive 2,000-acre Placer One development. Alongside Alchemy Surf Park, Placer One will encompass thousands of housing units and serve as the home for Sacramento State University and Sierra College campuses.

Site of the new surf park in Placer County

The vision for Alchemy Surf Park is grand and promising, as it aims to become an innovative mixed-use commercial destination that centers around three thrilling themes: surfing, health and wellness, and adrenaline-pumping outdoor recreation.

Although the deal with Wavegarden Cove, a leading wave technology provider, is yet to be finalized, Gallardo has high hopes for this partnership. Wavegarden Cove has already proven its prowess by supporting wave parks in various countries worldwide, including Australia, Spain, the U.K., and South Korea.

While the exact size of the park is still under consideration, Gallardo has revealed plans for a potential 56-module build, which could rival the largest existing Wavegarden pools in size and scale. Check out the proposed model for the park:

Surfs up, NorCal! Hopefully this park will come to fruition!

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  1. This is incredible news for Northern California surfers! The prospect of having a surf park in the Rocklin area, courtesy of Chris Gallardo’s Alchemy Surf Park, is a game-changer. It’s refreshing to see someone like Gallardo, with a background at Apple, channeling their passion into creating such an innovative space. The combination of surfing, health and wellness, and outdoor recreation is a winning formula. And the potential partnership with Wavegarden Cove only adds to the excitement. This development could not only revolutionize the surfing experience for enthusiasts in the region but also contribute to the broader cultural and recreational landscape.

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