Buck with Arrow Stuck in Muzzle Found and Treated Near Yreka

On August 23rd, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife received a group of calls reporting sightings of a nearby buck with an arrow stuck in its muzzle. They sprung into action to treat the buck and are now investigating the incident as illegal hunting on private property within a commercial district.

When CDFW officials received reports of the buck, they immediately went out into the field to locate and treat the injured animal. They were able to find the deer, but due to commercial activity, it was too risky to attempt to capture the deer during the daytime. They monitored its activity until 2 am the next morning before they were able to capture and treat the animal.

After tranquilizing the buck, they brought in permitted wildlife rehabber Kevin Skillen to remove the arrow, treat the wound with antibiotics and transfer the buck to a quiet location where it could recover.

Anyone with information about this case, or any suspected poaching or pollution activity, should contact CDFW’s CalTIP, CDFW’s 24-hour hotline, at (888) 334-2258.

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