Buried Cars in South Lake Tahoe are Beginning to Emerge from the Historic Snowfall

Lake Tahoe, California, has experienced unprecedented snowfall this season, causing ski resorts and homes to be submerged beneath thick layers of snow. The deluge of snow didn’t just bury buildings, but also trapped numerous vehicles during the storms.

With the arrival of spring, these previously stranded cars have started to emerge from their icy tombs, providing a unique sight for locals and visitors alike. Owners can finally solve the mystery of their missing vehicles, giving new meaning to the phrase, “Dude, where’s my car?”

Howie Nave, a resident of South Lake Tahoe, captured this peculiar phenomenon in a series of photos. Sharing them on social media, Nave captioned the images: “It’s officially springtime in South Lake Tahoe when you start seeing cars that were covered in winter’s snow starting to bloom!!”

Here are his photos:

Photo by Howie Nave
Photo by Howie Nave
Photo by Howie Nave
Photo by Howie Nave

What. A. Winter! Enjoy the spring vibes out there.

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