Cal Fire Releases Map Showing the Houses Destroyed in the North Complex Fire

Cal Fire recently released a “damage assessment map” showing the houses burned along the east side of Lake Oroville and it’s a sad reminder of the devastating impact of wildfire in Northern California.

The North Complex Fire currently sits at 294,301 acres burned with 64% containment, but it was the damage done in the early morning of September 9 that created the devastation we see today. The map released by Cal Fire shows the area destroyed by the fire, which now includes a total of 1,887 structures:

“Field damage inspection is still ongoing and subject to change,” said Cal Fire officials in a statement. “The points shown in this map are being updated regularly. Data is subject to change as information is gathered and verified.”

The North Complex Fire began in mid-August in Plumas County and was reasonably benign as it burned it rural areas of north east California. That is, until heavy winds moved the fire at an incredible rate, destroying the entire town of Berry Creek on its way to the shores of Lake Oroville.

The fire remains a lesson that all wildfires can become deadly and devastating in the right conditions. Stay safe, NorCal.

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