Caldor Fire Video Shows Extreme Wind, Firefighters Surrounded by Flying Embers

*Note: this video was taken the night of Sunday, August 29th. It does not reflect the current situation of the fire

This is some absolutely incredible video showing the sheer veracity of the Caldor Fire and the bravery of the men who are fighting it.

The above video was posted Monday afternoon showing firefighters in the midst of a windy battle with the Caldor Fire. It’s unknown where the video was taken, but many guesses online think it could be at Sierra-at-Tahoe. If that’s the case, firefighters did an amazing job saving the structures there.

This is what we face with modern-day wildfires in Northern California. With wind conditions this extreme, there’s just no stopping these types of fires as they move through the forest. Those flying embers can easily land on someone’s house and burn it to the ground.

This video is also gives incredible visual evidence of the bravery of our firefighters. Stay safe, everyone.

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