CalFire Identifies 21 Wildfires in Butte County Caused by Lightning

The violent thunderstorms that brought nearly 8,000 lightning strikes to California this weekend moved into Butte County Monday morning, causing a multitude of lightning-caused wildfires. According to CalFire officials, they have so far identified 21 fires and are working hard to contain the flames.

CalFire Butte County took to social media at 11 am Monday to announce the wildfires and their current situations. They were able to identify the fires and even contain a few of them immediately:

It remains clear the exact location and severity of these fires, but some have been seen in the Cohasset area, Forest Ranch area, Sterling city area, and the Kelly Ridge/Bangor area. Here is a quick list compiled by the Butte Counyt weather spotter:

If you see a wildfire in the area, please be ready to share the cross streets and/or exact location with authorities. Stay safe, NorCal!

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