California Untamed Postpones 330-Mile Trail Run from Arcata to Mt. Shasta Until 2021

Ryan Spitz, Founder of California Untamed, took to social media to announce he will be postponing the inaugural 330-mile trail run from Arcata to Mount Shasta until 2021 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The event will now take place July 16-25th, 2021:

“With all of the Covid19 dyanamics at play- based on my last conversations with the 3 Forest Services, Tribal Counsels, Private landholders, Medical team, ect – the cards have just not fallen in our favor,” Spitz wrote on social media. “With the global situation around health safety, to travel bans, to home shelters, to the closing of trails and outdoor activities (of varying scales across the world) and the economic hardships taking place I am confident in the direction and decisions being made. While also agreeing and fully understanding the sting of disappointment is real.”

While the race for elite trail runners will take place in the deep outdoors of Northern California, far away from other humans, the runners from around the world may have trouble with travel due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and many are currently unable to leave their houses to train.

New posted for California Untamed 2021

It’s a stinging realization of the growing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spitz created the 330-mile run by mapping out the trails through the deep wilderness of NorCal and, to show how great it could be, accomplished the feat himself in 2019. You can watch his entire journey here:

Spitz emerged from corporate America and moved to Redding, California, falling for the outdoors of NorCal. Since his move, he acquired the Shasta Trail Runs series and founded California Untamed, which will look to grow outdoor tourism in Northern California in the coming years.

Watch our full interview with Ryan Spitz on the Talking NorCal Podcast:

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