Campsites at Burney Falls Close Due to Coronavirus

The recent statewide Covid-19 closures were mostly for inside businesses, forcing most businesses to alter their models to accommodate outside operations. That’s why it was surprising to people with reservations to camp at the Macarthur-Burney Falls State Memorial Park to receive an email that they have been cancelled.

According to the California State Parks website, camping at Burney Falls will be closed from July 22 until further notice. It remains unclear the reason for the closure, considering most other state park campgrounds remain open. But it’s been disappointing for people who had made reservations at the destination:

The closure is especially odd since restaurants and even hair salons are currently allowed to operate outside. Yet one of the premiere outdoor destinations in Northern California is closed for campers. As outlined on the California State Parks website, the closure is due to a “visitation surge.”

There may have been an incident, or series of incidents, that led to the camping closure. But for people looking to escape the house and get outdoors in NorCal, here’s one less place available.

Want to learn more about Burney Falls? Check out our video:

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  1. On Sunday July 12 the Falls were extremely crowded and at least one visitor thought it was an un healthy situation. However all state parks are closing and I’m guessing you will see more closures.

  2. Basically,it’s large crowds gathering ignoring safety guidelines and large amounts of trash left behind.

  3. Camping in stare parks usually means shared facilities (bathrooms) and I guarantee you the state is not paying anyone to clean them often enough to be considered “sanitary” by Covid standards

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