Town of Truckee Once Again Asks Visitors to Stay Away

Photo by Don Graham

The Town of Truckee has once again asked non-residents to stay away in an attempt to curb the current visitation surge and halt a potential Covid-19 spike in the area.

The North Lake Tahoe and Truckee officials are strongly discouraging visitors from coming to the region on weekends through at least August 17, 2020, after which time they believe that visitation levels will subside to more manageable levels and better allow physical distancing of 6 feet between people to occur.

“We have seen substantial issues with parking, camping, calls for service, complaints about trash, large groups not distancing, and overcrowding in public areas and trails,” said Truckee Mayor David Polivy. “These issues are all important in preserving our region, and keeping our residents and visitors safe and healthy while also keeping our business community viable.”

Since statewide bars, restaurants and other indoor business remain limited due to California’s quarantine mandate, people have often looked for outdoor destinations to get out of the house and practice social distancing. The problem is that these outdoor destinations are now crowded, with officials having difficulty controlling the trash and keeping people at a proper six feet apart.

“With our current environment of uncertainty, and many of our businesses already having to take measures to reduce or close their operations due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, safety must be our top priority,” states Placer County District 5 Supervisor Cindy Gustafson. “We cannot risk a further surge in COVID-19 cases and want to discourage visitation on weekends during what has historically been our peak summer visitation period, and instead see that visitation occur in what are historically less busy time periods in the late summer and fall.”

While many Northern California locals attempt to get out of the house during the beautiful summer months, it seems there’s one less option during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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