Carr Fire Monday Update: Structures Destroyed and Fatalities Grow; Containment Improves

While the size of the devastating Carr Fire has grown significantly in the past 24 hours, firefighters finally caught a break on Sunday and were able to build strong containment lines. The size of the fire sits at 95,368 acres and the containment has nearly tripled to 17 percent.

That good news was overshadowed with the growing list of bad news from this fire. As officials have been able to take time to assess the damage of the flames, the number of structures destroyed grew to 874, with 175 more damaged and over 5,000 structures remain at risk. The fire now sits as the 11th most destructive fire in California history.

Also, more human remains were found in a destroyed home, growing the list of Carr Fire fatalities to six. Sheriff Tom Bosenko confirmed the death at a news conference on Sunday but declined to give anymore information on the victim. They are working on with the family on an investigation of the death. There are still seven cases of people missing in relation to the fire.

Governor Jerry Brown ordered the lowering of the flags to half-mass throughout California in honor of the two firefighters who died battling the flames.

For the full CalFire incident report, go here. Here is the most recent map of the fire:


The number of people evacuated throughout Shasta County sits around 40,000. Here are the current areas under evacuation:

  • Cloverdale Road from Clear Creek Road East to Oak Street in Happy Valley
  • Oak Street from Cloverdale Road to Palm Avenue which includes Dale Lane, Panther Road Heavenly Valley Lane
  • Hawthorn Avenue from Oak Street to Happy Valley Road
  • China Gulch Drive from Oak Street to Canyon Road
  • Community of French Gulch
  • SR 299 west of Trinity Mountain Road to the base of Buckhorn Summit
  • Whiskey Creek Road to include the boat launch/day use areas
  • South along Swasey Drive from SR 299 to Placer Road
  • West along Placer Road from Swasey Drive to Prospet Drive
  • North from Prospect Drive to encompass Middle Park Ranch Land Area
  • West of Overhill Drive and North of SR 299
  • North of SR 299 and West of Spinmaker Road to the end of Harlan Drive
  • Keswick Dam East to Counter Lane, North to Quartz Hill Road
  • North of Sacramento River to Keswick Dam Road, West of Market Street and Lake Blvd to Keswick Dam
  • North at Lake Blvd and Oasis Rd to Pine Grove Ave and Walker Mine Rd West of Cascade Rd/ I-5
  • Pine Grove Ave North on Lake Blvd to Shasta Dam Incorporating Summit City, North Belt Line and Flannigan Road
  • Intersection of Placer Road and Buenaventura Blvd west to Thompson Lane
  • Buenaventura Blvd from Placer Road to Westside Road
  • Westside Road to Keyon Drive incorporating Country Heights and West Redding neighborhood
  • Buenaventura Blvd to SR 299 to Placer Road
  • Placer Road from Buenaventura Blvd to Cloverdale Road
  • Cloverdale Road from Placer Road to Clear Creek Road
  • Clear Creek Road west from Cloverdale Road to Honey Bee Road
  • Shasta Dam Visitor Center
  • All of Shasta Dam Blvd
  • All of Shasta Lake City, according to Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, the evacuations are not being actively enforced.
  • Placer Road from the Clear Creek Bridge to Clear Creek Road
  • Placer Road at Platina Road to Buell Road which includes South Fork Road, Zogg Mine Road, Jenny Bird Lane, Horse Canyon Road and all residents West of Platina Road between Placer Road and Buell Road
  • All areas on South Fork Road from Zogg Mine Road to South Fork Road to include the areas of Bender Road, Serenity Drive and Serenit Way
  • Platina Road and Buell Road: Southeast along Platina Road to Bully Choop Road including all residences to the west of Platina Road including Buell Road, Rainbow Lake Road, Rector Creek Road, Old Cannel Road, Mountainside Road, Devils Gap Drive, Baker Ridge Road, Ducket Road, Sunnyhill Road and Bigfoot Road.

Evacuation Centers

Shasta College
11555 Old Oregon Trail in Redding

Simpson University
2211 College View Drive in Redding

Cross Point Community Church
2960 Hartnell Ave in Redding

Trinity High School
321 Victory Lane Weaverville, CA 96093

Foothill High School
9773 Deschutes Road Palo Cedro, CA 96003

Large Animal Evacuation Center

Tehama County Fairgrounds
650 Antelope Blvd Red Bluff, CA 96080

Haven Humane
Anderson Factory Outlet
1816 CA-273 Anderson, CA 96007

Here is an updated map of the evacuations:

Road closures

The California Highway Patrol has issued new closures for the Carr Fire:

Shasta County:

  • Placer at Mule Town
  • Plantina Road and Rainbow Lake Road
  • Plantina Road and Placer Road
  • Planting Road & Gas Point Road
  • SR 299 from Buenaventura Boulevard to Buckhorn Summit
  • Texas Springs at Placer Texas Springs Road & Honeybee Road

City of Redding:

  • Ashby Road & Lake Blvd
  • Beltline at Oasis Benton & Quartz Hill Road
  • Buckhorn Summit at SR 299 (Eastbound)
  • Buenaventura at Keswick
  • Buenventura & Hwy 299
  • Caterpillar at Market
  • Clear Creek Road & Cloverdale Lane
  • Hwy 299 at Buckhorn Summit
  • Elk Dr at Carnelian
  • Eureka Way at Court Street
  • Gas Point at Clear Creek Rd
  • Gas Point Road and Foster Road
  • Happy Valley Trail and Hawthorn Road
  • Hwy 299 at Buckhorn Summit
  • Iron Mountain Rd at SR 299
  • Keswick Dam Road & Quartz Hill Road
  • Lake at Keswick
  • Lake at Oasis
  • Lake at Quartz Hill
  • Lower Springs Rd at Swasey Drive
  • Market at Lake
  • North Market South of Lake
  • North Point at Redwood
  • Oasis Road & Lake Blvd
  • Placer at Buenaventura
  • Railroad at Buenaventura
  • Ridge Lane at SR 299
  • Riviera at Howard SR-273 at Bonnyville
  • SR-273 at Branstetter
  • SR-273 at Breslauer
  • SR-273 at Clear Creek
  • SR-273 at Kenyon
  • SR-273 at Westside Rd
  • Swasey Drive & Placer Road

More Looting

Two more people were arrested on suspicion of looting in evacuated areas. 19-year-old Jack Fannin and 25-year-old Jade Ball were arrested on suspicion of looting on Quartz Hill Road, when a homeowner flagged down a nearby police officer, claiming he found fresh footprints and drops of water in his house.

The officers investigated the claim and found some electronics “stacked and staged” in front of the home. They found the two at a nearby house along with evidence linking them to the burglary.

There have been reports of looting throughout the Carr Fire. This marks the third arrest on suspicion of looting, including Mitchell B. Stuebgen, who was found in an evacuated area wearing camouflage and carrying a loaded handgun, a billy club, nunchucks and a concealed dagger.

All looters should be publicly flogged.

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  1. How do people do that!!! , To loot someone’s house in a crisis, that is the worst thing you can do, cause more pain…..May God have mercy on a looters soul, hopefully being in prison will change the looter……

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