Carr Fire Sunday Update: Fire Moves South, 140 Square Miles Burned, Five Dead, 38,000 Evacuated

The Carr Fire continues to move along the southwest side of Redding and brand new evacuations send thousands more people fleeing from their homes. The fire now sits at a little under 90,000 acres (140 square miles) with only 5 percent containment. The intense heat and dry surfaces make the fire nearly impossible to control, with now 3,410 firefighters fighting the fire. 517 structures have been destroyed with 5,000 more at risk.

Find the fully updated Carr Fire CalFire report here.

Death Toll Rises

Sad news came out of Redding Saturday, as the family of two missing kids and their great grandmother confirmed they were killed in the fire. James Roberts, 5; Emily Roberts, 4, and Melody Bledsoe, 70, died when the fire quickly approached their house, making escape impossible.

This now brings the death toll of the Carr Fire to five, with the passing of Fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke and 81-year-old Don Smith, a privately hired bulldozer operator.

Redding Firefighter Jeremy Stoke

Governor Jerry Brown ordered the lowering of the flags to half-mass throughout California in honor of the two firefighters who died battling the flames.

“Anne and I were devastated to learn about the deaths of these two heroes who lost their lives while protecting their fellow Californians,” Brown said. “We honor them and all the first responders who are working day and night to protect life and property as wildfires continue to burn across the state.”

Fire Moves South

The red flag warning due to high temperatures will remain in effect until Monday, although the immense amount of smoke from the fire has brought cooler temperatures to the area. The most current maps show that the fire continues to move south, now into the Igo area and moving towards Happy Valley. For an update map, go here.

On Saturday, officials scrambled to evacuate the areas southwest of Redding, including Win River Casino. While the fire isn’t moving as quickly as it had in days prior, the winds are still erratic and officials are worried that the fire could move east, towards residential areas.

According to the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection, the following areas have been evacuated:

  • Cloverdale Road from Clear Creek Road East to Oak Street in Happy Valley
  • Oak Street from Cloverdale Road to Palm Avenue which includes Dale Lane, Panther Road Heavenly Valley Lane
  • Hawthorn Avenue from Oak Street to Happy Valley Road
  • China Gulch Drive from Oak Street to Canyon Road
  • Community of French Gulch
  • SR 299 west of Trinity Mountain Road to the base of Buckhorn Summit
  • Whiskey Creek Road to include the boat launch/day use areas
  • South along Swasey Drive from SR 299 to Placer Road
  • West along Placer Road from Swasey Drive to Prospet Drive
  • North from Prospect Drive to encompass Middle Park Ranch Land Area
  • West of Overhill Drive and North of SR 299
  • North of SR 299 and West of Spinmaker Road to the end of Harlan Drive
  • Keswick Dam East to Counter Lane, North to Quartz Hill Road
  • North of Sacramento River to Keswick Dam Road, West of Market Street and Lake Blvd to Keswick Dam
  • North at Lake Blvd and Oasis Rd to Pine Grove Ave and Walker Mine Rd West of Cascade Rd/ I-5
  • Pine Grove Ave North on Lake Blvd to Shasta Dam Incorporating Summit City, North Belt Line and Flannigan Road
  • Intersection of Placer Road and Buenaventura Blvd west to Thompson Lane
  • Buenaventura Blvd from Placer Road to Westside Road
  • Westside Road to Keyon Drive incorporating Country Heights and West Redding neighborhood
  • Buenaventura Blvd to SR 299 to Placer Road
  • Placer Road from Buenaventura Blvd to Cloverdale Road
  • Cloverdale Road from Placer Road to Clear Creek Road
  • Clear Creek Road west from Cloverdale Road to Honey Bee Road
  • Shasta Dam Visitor Center
  • All of Shasta Dam Blvd
  • All of Shasta Lake City, according to Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, the evacuations are not being actively enforced.
  • Placer Road from the Clear Creek Bridge to Clear Creek Road
  • Placer Road at Platina Road to Buell Road which includes South Fork Road, Zogg Mine Road, Jenny Bird Lane, Horse Canyon Road and all residents West of Platina Road between Placer Road and Buell Road
  • All areas on South Fork Road from Zogg Mine Road to South Fork Road to include the areas of Bender Road, Serenity Drive and Serenit Way
  • Platina Road and Buell Road: Southeast along Platina Road to Bully Choop Road including all residences to the west of Platina Road including Buell Road, Rainbow Lake Road, Rector Creek Road, Old Cannel Road, Mountainside Road, Devils Gap Drive, Baker Ridge Road, Ducket Road, Sunnyhill Road and Bigfoot Road.

Road closures

The California Highway Patrol has issued new closures for the Carr Fire:

  • Highway 299 at Overhill Drive
  • Placer Road at Cloverdale Road
  • Highway 299 at Sunset Drive
  • Buenaventura Boulevard at Teton Drive
  • River Park Drive at Benton Drive
  • Buenaventura Boulevard at Canyon Creek Road
  • Pine Grove Avenue at Lake Boulevard
  • Placer Road at Cloverdale Road

The Shasta County Sherrif’s office has announced that the following areas are no longer under evacuation and residents can return to their homes, effective immediately.

  • Canyon Road
  • Ranchette Drive
  • Prospectors Road
  • Copper Drive
  • Valley View Road
  • Silverado Drive
  • Windsor Lane
  • Redbank Road

CHP Officials are pleading with people to stay out of the way and off the roads that are closed:


Meanwhile, the scum of the earth have resorted to looting in the evacuated zones. Redding Police arrested Mitchell B. Stuebgen around 10:45 p.m. on Saturday night after finding him  in an evacuated part of Lake Boulevard. Stuebgen was found wearing camouflage and carrying a loaded handgun, a billy club, nunchucks and a concealed dagger.

We will continue to update the situation throughout the day.

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