Caught on Camera: Cat Takes on Coyote on Northern California Porch

When a coyote approached a porch in North Highlands last week, it probably didn’t expect to encounter a ferocious protector.

An encounter between a cat and a coyote was caught on camera, with the cat surprisingly scaring off the wild animal. The video was captured by Ed Wahl, who posted the video to North Highlands, CA Neighbors Facebook group.

He included his own editorial, which is that of surprise:

“Just for the born and bred city folk on here, Coyotes generally eat cats. Yep, Cat’s are their prey. Unless they’re badass like this one. I totally expected to see the coyote leaving with the dead cat in it’s mouth.”

Although the cat appeared very brave in the video, the coyote was most likely disinterested and decided not to engage. It was probably mostly interested in the cat’s bowl of food on the porch.

In any case, kudos to our feline friend for being the protector of the house!

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