It’s Official: Squaw Valley Received the Most Snowfall in the United States this Winter

Photo: Squaw Valley/Ben Birk

Northern California saw a historic winter of 2018/19, with snowfall hitting every region in bulk and providing a massive snowpack in the mountains. In fact, NorCal ski resorts own 9 of the top snowpacks in North America.

But it was one NorCal ski resort that blew everyone out of the water on its way to seeing the most snowfall in the United States this winter.

Squaw Valley received 682 inches of snowfall this winter, giving it the most snow in the country. It barely inched out its southern predecessor, Mammoth Mountain, which received 681 inches.

The snowfall numbers are no surprise, as Squaw Valley had its snowiest month ever in February with 286 inches in just 28 days. Mammoth Mountain also broke a 30-year-old snowfall recordin February.

The list of top 10 snowfalls in the U.S. was jam-packed with Tahoe ski resorts. Here is the entire list:

#1. Squaw Valley, CA: 682″

#2. Mammoth Mountain, CA: 681″

#3. Snowbird, UT: 656″

#4. Brighton Resort, UT: 645″

#5. Sugar Bowl Resort, CA: 624″

#6. Alta Ski Area, UT: 616″

#7. Homewood Mountain Resort, CA: 610″

#8. Northstar Resort, CA: 601″

#9. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA: 589″

#10. Boreal Mountain Resort, CA: 586″

With the massive snowpack, Squaw Valley is scheduled to stay open until July 7th. While other ski resorts are closing down for the season, Squaw is just getting started.

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