Chinook Salmon Quota Met on the Upper Trinity River

The salmon quota was met on the Upper Trinity River as of October 25, 2020, essentially closing adult Chinook salmon fishing season on the stretch of water. This triggers the closure of the adult Chinook salmon fishery on the Trinity River from the Old Lewiston Bridge to the Highway 299 West Bridge at Cedar Flat.

This reach will remain open for harvest of jack (two-year-old) Chinook salmon (less than or equal to 23 inches). All adult Chinook salmon caught must be immediately released and reported on the angler’s report card.

Anglers may still fish for adult Chinook salmon in the Lower Trinity sector, but all other sectors will closed to adult harvest.

The fall-run Chinook salmon fishing season runs every year from September 1 through December 31, with any closure happening after the quota is met. This season, the quota for the river was 428 adult Chinook salmon, evenly split between the upper and lower portions of the river.

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