CHP Rescues Trapped Climbers on Mount Shasta

Elddar Shaim, 32, and Yeldos Mukametz, 27 of Honolulu, Hawaii decided to climb Mount Shasta on their trip to the mainland this week. They successfully made it to the top, but got trapped on the way down, forcing the California Highway Patrol to perform a helicopter rescue.

The climbers made the difficult climb to the top of the 14,162-foot tall mountain and decided to take a different route down to the bottom. When they reached an area of the descent, it became too steep and dangerous for the climbers to continue. That’s when they contacted authorities to be rescued.

“The climbers reported they could not ascend or descend without slipping or falling from their current location,” the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

The CHP – Northern Division Air Operations performed the rescue earlier this week, which proved to be difficult. They were able to rescue Shaim on Tuesday, but because of nightfall they had to return Wednesday morning to retrieve Mukametz, officials said.

Here is a video of the rescue:

Here is another example of taking Mount Shasta very seriously when it comes to the dangers of climbing the mountain. We’re glad the climbers made it home safe!

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