Despite Sunny Skies, Rain Hits the Muir Woods National Monument


On Tuesday, December 17th, visitors to Muir Woods National Monument finally saw some sunny skies that have been rare in the area over the past month. But that didn’t stop the rain from falling inside the forest.

The rain has been prevalent throughout Northern California lately, leaving traces of water throughout the large canopy of redwood trees sitting 200 feet above the ground. So in the midst of a sunny day just north of San Francisco, the winds finally brought the rainwater to the ground, with a delayed rain incident that can only be experienced in a massive forest.

Muir Woods officials took to social media to show what sunny showers look like in the national monument:

What a beautiful experience to see a delayed rainstorm in such a pristine forest area like Muir Woods. Although visitors expected sunshine were probably bummed to get wet on a day like Tuesday, it’s worth seeing the natural phenomenon in person!

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