Details Emerge From Deadly Log Rolling Incident on Shasta Lake

On September 2, a group of 7 people hopped on a boat and headed onto Shasta Lake for a fun day on the water. Following a freak accident involving a large rolling log, only 6 people would return that day.

37-year-old Kelle Clark was killed when she was hit by a log on the north side of Woods Island. Now, details are emerging from the freak accident that struck the woman known for being an adventurer and avid outdoorswomen.

According to the sheriff’s office, Clark was on the lake that day with Timothy Williams (43 years old), John Hoeppner (42 years old), Caroline Lewis (42 years old), Christopher Wynia (22 years old), Nicholas Lendman (40 years old) and Darcey Prior (41 years old). When they pulled up on the island, they noticed a large log at the top of the hill and decided it would be fun to push down to the water.

Two of the people went up to the log to dislodge it but were having difficulty. Clark and another person got off the boat to help but were halfway up the hill when the large log began to roll down the hill. Clark and her friend were well out of the way, but the log hit some rocks and stumps forcing it to take a sharp turn towards Clark. They yelled to alert her, but it was too late. The large log struck the victim causing life-ending injury.

Sheriffs arrived on the scene and began performing CPR on the victim. A helicopter was called-in to transport her to emergency facilities but she was pronounced dead before it arrived.

Kelle Clark was known as a fun-loving adventurer and mother who spent the summers on the lake and the winters snowboarding on the mountain. A server at Market Street Steakhouse in Redding for 10 years, Clark had a long list of regulars who enjoyed her lively company.

On a personal note, Clark used to serve the Active NorCal staff at Market Street Steakhouse every week. She was a kind person with an adventurous attitude. She will be missed.

You can donate to the GoFundMe for Kelle Clark’s daughter here -

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