Watch: Riding Down White-Water Rapids on Top of Six Rafts

Living the whitewater rafting life is fun. You get to take enthusiastic people on an exciting ride down the river (while hopefully keeping everybody safe). The best part? You get to have fun while you do it.

This rafting guide (they call them Covey Baack in the post) looks like he needed to get a bunch of rafts down the river quickly. You could spend a whole day getting six rafts down the river, so why don’t you just stack them up and ride them down. That’s exactly what he did!

Watch the video below posted to Facebook with Covey:

Here’s what they said in the post

“A perfect run down Nugget today on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon with Covey Baack! Yes, he’s wearing a PFD and helmet.”

While someone who isn’t experienced should DEFINITELY not try this. But it’s fun to watch someone do it!

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