Drone Found at the Bottom of the American River Reveals Insane 100-Foot Bridge Jump

The Sacramento-area scuba diver Mike Pelley, also known as Merman Mike, found a drone at the bottom of the American River recently. When he took a gander at the SD in the drone, it revealed a dangerous and illegal cliff jump.

The video on the drone shows a man climbing up the historic Truss Bridge in Folosom, only to jump from a pillar 100-feet above the water and land in the American River below. Not only is jumping from the bridge illegal, but officials also try to educate the public on the dangers of jumps like this. Last year, a young man died from a jump off the nearby Rainbow Bridge.

Pelley was shocked to see the footage, and certainly doesn’t condone the act, but that’s not stopping him from trying to find the owner of the drone.

“I’m just trying to return the valuable. I’m not promoting what he’s doing in the picture or the video at all.” Pelley said to CBS Sacramento.

“Merman Mike” has made a name due to his findings in the waters near Sacramento. His YouTube page shows all the times he’s found valuable items in the water, including this video finding a $17,000 ring in the Sacramento River:

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