Drunk Driver Gets Car Stuck at the Bottom of Crowley Lake

Photo: California Highway Patrol

A driver at Crowley Lake was cited with a DUI and plenty of upholstery damage after crashing his car into Crowley Lake near Mammoth Lakes over the weekend.

According to California Highway Patrol, the drunk driver drove his car on the soft, sandy shore of Crowley Lake when the wheels slid into water. With his car at the bottom of the lake, the driver was arrested for driving under the influence, adding to his already expensive mistake at the lake.

Photo: California Highway Patrol

“If you drink don’t drive. If you don’t learn this lesson and you choose to drink and drive on the soft sandy edge of Crowley Lake you might end up like this unlucky person,” wrote California Highway Patrol on social media. “Thank goodness no one was injured except the person’s wallet.”

The removal of the car was expensive and probably cause some environmental hazards during its time under water. It’s a good lesson for anyone hoping to have some fun at the lake this year – don’t drink and drive.

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