Expect to See Smoke from Controlled Burns Near Mount Shasta

Photo: U.S. Forest Service

The Shasta Trinity National Forest has announced that it plans to begin the McBride Vegetation Project on Sunday, which is expected to burn across roughly 100 acres of land. The project aims to reduce dead and downed limbs, logs, litter, and duff, also known as surface fuels. If the weather conditions, vegetation moisture, and on-site conditions are favorable, burning may continue into early next week.

The prescribed burn units are located one-mile west of McBride Springs Campground, just south of the Everitt Memorial Hwy in Mount Shasta. Visitors are urged to exercise caution while traveling along the Everitt Memorial Hwy, as wildland fire engines, vehicles, and fire personnel may be working on and adjacent to the roadway.

The use of prescribed fire to reduce surface fuels will help reduce fuel loading and future fire intensity in the event of a wildfire. This approach will also aid nutrient recycling (nitrogen), improve wildlife habitat, and support a healthy forest ecosystem. Fire is a natural component of a healthy forest, and historically, low-intensity fires would have occurred every 5-10 years in Northeastern California. These low-intensity fires have low flame lengths and consume the woody material on the forest floor along low-lying shrubs.

While the McBride Vegetation Project will cause some disturbance to the area, the benefits to the forest ecosystem are expected to be significant. By reducing surface fuels, the forest will be more resilient to future wildfires and will provide a healthier habitat for wildlife.

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