Famed Redding Eagles Welcome New Egg to their Turtle Bay Nest

Liberty and Guardian incubating their brand-new egg in the Turtle Bay nest. Photo: Friends of Redding Eagles

The famed eagles of Redding have have recently been showing incubation behavior, an indication of their first egg of the season in the Turtle Bay nest.

Liberty and Guardian have been well-known residents of Redding, as they together enjoy a nest off Higway 44 along the Sacramento River. Now, they may be welcoming another member of the family as eagle enthusiasts in Redding, who share the activities of the eagles on the Friends of Redding Eagles Facebook page, believe they have a brand-new egg in their nest. The egg is expected to hatch around St. Patrick’s Day.

Liberty and Guardian mating along the Sacramento River in Redding. Photo: Friends of Redding Eagles

It all began when onlookers noticed mating behavior between the two eagles on February 11, indicating that egg season was just around the corner. Then, onlookers noticed the “switch” on February 12th, showing both eagle parents taking part in the process of nurturing the egg.

It was this exact time last year that the eagles welcomed an egg to their nest, but the next day a historic snowstorm hit Redding and the nest toppled to the ground. This year, weather patterns look perfect for the incubation of the egg, although the public won’t be able to see the newly-hatched eaglet until April or May because the nest’s camera currently isn’t working.

Here’s a video of the “switch” at the Turtle Bay nest:

We’re glad to see the famed eagle couple thriving in Northern California! We hope to see an eaglet head pop out of the nest in the next couple of months.

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