Firefighters Clean Up 15 Bags of Trash at Shasta Lake

Firefighters have been very busy over the past two weeks as wildfires have burned thousands of acres of land throughout Northern California. As if they needed another issue to worry about, they also found mounds of trash on Shasta Lake this week, cleaning up 15 bags near Lakehead.

Firefighters from the Shasta Lake Ranger District found the trash near Sugarloaf Road and hauled it out of the area. The cleanup showed the dire situation outdoor destinations are under while more people head outside during the Covid-19 pandemic:

This is disconcerting on so many levels, including keeping firefighters away from their main job, which is to help us stay safe during fire season in NorCal.

Remember, the forest isn’t your personal dump! Clean up after yourself when heading outside and even help by picking up any trash you find along the way. Do it for our great outdoor lands and so our firefighters can concentrate on keeping us safe.

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