Fishermen Land GIANT Great White Shark in San Francisco Bay

Joe Gamez of Golden State Sportfishing has made a living catching sharks in the San Francisco Bay for the past 20 years. But this past week, his boat made a catch that they’ve never seen in their lives.

On Thursday, officials issued a warning after receiving multiple reports of Great White Shark sightings in Half Moon Bay. Then on Saturday, Gamez hooked one of the beasts and it dragged him around the bay for over an hour before they were able to land the beast.

“It was almost like hooking onto a Volkswagen that was a hundred feet deep,” Gamez told CBS. “Everyone was in shock. It took all seven of us to reel it in.”

Here is the live video that Gamez posted to Facebook of his crew landing the shark:

The rod was passed back and forth between the seven people on the boat over the hour excursion. They estimated that the shark was 6 to 8 feet long and could have weighed around 700 pounds.

After bringing the shark to the boat, they saw what it was and released it back into the water as catching one is illegal. Great whites are a vulnerable species that are protected by state and federal regulations.

Not only is it illegal to catch a Great White Shark, who would want that beast on your boat? Now that was an experience none of those fishermen will ever forget!

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