Throwback: Fishing Guide Dives into Truckee River to Land MONSTER 30-Inch Brown Trout

Matt Herron is a fly fishing guide in Tahoe and had quite the run in with a giant brown trout.

The video starts out as a normal fishing setting on what appears to be a small section of the Truckee River (although I was not able to confirm that). All of a sudden, he hooks a fish. You can tell by the excitement in his stature and the shear panic in his voice that this was no ordinary fish – this was a pig.

He runs up and down the shore to keep the fishing line tight in order to keep the fish engaged on what he called a “little tiny little mayfly.” Eventually, he approaches the fish in shallow water attempting to net the pig. Once he fails to net the fish twice, he throws out all of his fishing training and just dives into the river after it.

The unconventional attempt works and he enjoys the spoils of a once-in-a-lifetime 30-inch brown trout. Check out the video:

Matt Heron Reels in a Gigantic Brown Trout from Filmed In Tahoe on Vimeo.

Great catch, Matt! To learn more about Matt Herron’s fly fishing guide service go to or check out the video below:

Matt Heron Fly Fishing at Tahoe, Program Highlights from Matt Heron Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

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