Fly Fisherman Lands Absolute MONSTER Striped Bass in Northern California

It’s not everyday you see fly fishermen attempting to catch striped bass in Northern California. But recently one fisherman was successful in doing so, and this fish is an absolute MONSTER.

Fishing guide and musician Chuck Ragan recently posted a catch he landed with Darren McFadden which showed a huge striped bass caught on the fly somewhere in NorCal. The weight and location were not included, but it has to be one of the biggest bass catches we’ve seen locally on a fly:

Great catch boys!

Again, a size was not included in the post, but that thing has to weigh 40+ pounds. The fish was photographed before releasing it back into the water. We’re not sure where it was caught, but Ragan is a guide out of Grass Valley who specializes in trips on the Lower Yuba, Feather and Sacramento Rivers.

Learn more about Chuck Ragan and his fishing services here.

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