Fly-Fisherman Nets GORGEOUS 27-Inch Rainbow Trout in Keswick Reservoir

We’ve written a few articles about the under-the-radar fishing just below Shasta Dam in Keswick Reservoir, especially since no one seems to fish it. Our very own Chip O’Brien recently visited the waterway to confirm our suspicions that it might just be Northern California’s most underrated fishery.

This week, Chip landed double digit rainbows in multiple excursions below Shasta Dam, including a massive 27-inch rainbow trout. Although he continues to be Keswick’s most vocal advocate for local fly fisherman, the results of his trip were even shocking to him.

When asked about the fish, Chip was over the moon. “I’m guessing about eight pounds and it just might be my personal best rainbow trout” exclaimed Chip, who has 30-years of fly fishing guiding experience in Northern California. Here are some photos of the beautiful fish:

The relative anonymity of fishing in Keswick just below Shasta Dam is likely due to multiple factors. It’s very difficult to get there by boat and shore fishing is pretty limited. To gain access to the waterway, you have to show your I.D. and drive across Shasta Dam. Once he gets to the water, Chip uses a float tube to maneuver through the water and find the beautiful fish.

Still questioning this great fishing area? Read Chip’s complete guide to catching big trout on Keswick Reservoir.

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  1. I clicked on to Chip’s complete guide to catching big trout on Keswick Reservoir and it appears that the entire article will not load. Am I wrong or is something up?

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