Folsom Man Breaks World Record Slacklining 1,919 Feet Across American River

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Looking up as I walked this line and seeing thousands of people there cheering me on was one of the most incredible moments of my life! Even though I was feeling the pressure of everything, I also felt the energy of every single person there holding me up and helping me across that line. I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming emotions I was feeling out there, from gratitude and love, to the pressure and nervousness of wanting to make my city and these amazing people proud… all while trying to be poised enough to make my way across this giant line. When I stood up to start my walk, I found that my legs almost didn’t want to work because I was just so overwhelmed! But as I looked around, I realized that all of this was a celebration of the community that raised me, I realized that every person out there was on my side and rooting for me. Step by step, I loosened up and got my rhythm that resulted in 35 of the most beautiful minutes of my entire life. I’m so thankful to have been able to come home and share my passion with every one of you. Here’s to the city of Folsom and every one of you that helped make this a reality!! 📸: @travisburkephotography

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During an event celebrating the 100th year of the Rainbow Bridge over the American River in Folsom, hundreds gathered to watch as one brave slackliner broke a world record.

Ryan Robinson walked 1,919 feet across the American River from the Natomas Crossing to the Rainbow Bridge on a one-inch-wide slackline to break the world record for longest slackline. The feat took just under an hour to complete.

The pressure mounted for Robinson as he kept focus on the feat while onlookers cheered on the bridges and kayakers watched his attempt at the world record from the water.

“Even though it looked like I was teetering a little bit I had total control.  But it was pretty wild.  That’s the first time I heard that many ooohs,” Robinson said to CBS Sacramento.

The event was part of the Rainbow Bridge’s centennial celebration, which included guided walking tours, hands-on activities, a display of vintage cars and a local school bridge design contest. But it was Robinson’s stunt that was the centerpiece of the celebration.

Robinson is a professional slackliner who grew up in Folsom and displays his stunts to his over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Along with his slacklining stunts, he was also featured on American Ninja Warrior four times.

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