Forest Service Closes Popular Mt. Shasta Roadways in Anticipation for Winter Storm

Everitt Memorial Highway

With a winter storm descending on Mt. Shasta, forecast to bring 4 feet of snow to the town by Friday, the Forest Service has preemptively closed popular roadways to outdoor destinations.

As of January 26, the Forest Service has closed the gates to the Everitt Memorial Highway above the city of Mt. Shasta and the Castle Lake Road above Lake Siskiyou. It is undetermined when the roads will be plowed and reopened, but considering the upcoming forecasts, it could be weeks.

Ice fishing Castle Lake

Both roadways are popular for backcountry skiers and snowshoers in the winter. Everitt Memorial Highway leads to the Bunny Flat Trailhead, which is the most popular winter route up Mount Shasta. Castle Lake Road leads to Castle Lake, which is known for great ice fishing and the mountains above are popular for backcountry skiing.

As strong storms move into Northern California, it seems like it might be a while before outdoor adventurers will be able to visit these popular destinations.

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