Fully-Intact Airplane Found 160 Feet Underwater at Folsom Lake

Image of the aircraft by Seafloor Systems

When a crew from Seafloor Systems went to Folsom Lake to test their underwater survey equipment, they were surprised to find what might be a lost airplane from over 50 years ago.

After noticing what looked to be a small aircraft sitting 160 feet below the surface of the lake, they sent down a remote camera to get a closer look. According to them, the pictures revealed a plane’s tail and propeller. They believe the plane is still fully intact.

Image of the aircraft by Seafloor Systems

Although it’s still unknown exactly where the plane came from, it’s most likely the wreckage of an airplane that crashed into the lake near Folsom Dam on New Year’s Day in 1965. The plane crashed after a mid-air collision and the bodies of the three men on board were never found.

With water levels nearing historically low-levels on Folsom Lake, this sort of discovery has been made possible. That specific region of the lake could reach depths of 300 feet during higher water levels.

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