Get A Bird’s Eye View of a Full Lake Shasta and Snow-Covered Mt. Shasta from the Wet Winter of 2017

Here's a video that will give you unbelievable bird's eye views of your favorite Northern California destinations

The wonderful people over at Sting Flight have taken a quick flight from Sacramento to Mt. Shasta in order to give us a bird’s eye view of what NorCal looked like following one of the wettest winters we’ve seen in years – 2017.

First you’ll see the filled-up Lake Oroville as the pilot heads over to Redding’s Benton Airpark. After a quick pit stop, he takes a beautiful scenic flight over the Lake Shasta. Not only will you not see the lasting effects of the drought, but you’ll be hard-pressed to see any shoreline between the water and the trees.

In the climax of this video, the pilot puts on a nasal cannula in order to make sure he has a fresh supply of oxygen at such a high elevation. Then you will see views of Mt. Shasta that you’ve never seen before!

Without further ado –

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