Giant Yosemite Avalanche Caught on Camera

A substantial avalanche occurred earlier this month in Tenaya Canyon, Yosemite National Park, as witnessed by Jeremy Evans from the safety of the Snow Creek trail. The video, filmed on May 8th, shows the extremely snowy conditions still being seen at high elevations of the park.

Check it out:

Officials have reported the winter of 2022-23 as the season with the most significant recorded snowpack in Yosemite’s history, indicating high snow accumulation in the mountains. Measurements vary, with about three meters at higher elevations and two meters at 1,500 meters. Currently, almost all wilderness camping sites in Yosemite are blanketed with snow.

Due to the immense volume of accumulated snow, it is expected to take a significant period to melt. As a result, hikers planning expeditions in the coming months are likely to encounter persistent snowy conditions.

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