Kayaker Performs Death-Defying Drop Off Middle McCloud Falls

During the winter or springtime at McCloud Falls, the flows become heavy enough for death defying kayak stunts. Although the 45-foot drop off Middle McCloud Falls is reserved for the best of the best, once or twice a year we see videos of courageous kayakers making the drop.

We have another one of those sightings in our midst. Kayaker Johny Haines posted a video of his attempt at the massive NorCal waterfall:

So insane! The first person point of view shows the intense experience of attempting the drop. The stunt is very dangerous, since high flows and a pinpoint drop from the north side of the falls are the only way you’ll survive.

Way to go Johny!

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this drop. Here is another video of the death-defying stunt:

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