‘Go the F*** Home!’ Viral TikTok Illustrates the Crowds in Tahoe During Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged different communities of Northern California, some areas have been particularly susceptible to outbreaks. In tourist-heavy destinations like Lake Tahoe, locals are fed up with “city folk” using the region as their personal vacation away from the strict confines of the Bay Area stay-at-home orders.

One Tahoe local expressed his frustration with the growing number of Bay Area visitors in a TikTok that has since gone viral with nearly 700,000 views:


Jus a lil somethin I made up in traffic. ##fuckbayarea ##tahoe ##gohome

♬ original sound – Kaireimers

“Are you driving up to Tahoe cause you live in Palo Alto,” starts the song on TikTok, showing people parked on the side of the road playing in the snow. “Do you not know how to drive cause you’re used to I-5? Do you like spreading Covid and ignoring the restrictions? Are you’re so stupid and overly conceited to put your fun above the lives of a local mountain town? Go the F*** home!”

The TikTok illustrates the frustration and difficulty felt by Tahoe communities during the pandemic. While much of the Tahoe economy is fueled by visitors from Sacramento, the Bay Area and Southern California, locals have felt uncomfortable with visitors ignoring restrictions.

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