Redding Forecast to Receive More Than a Foot of Snow this Week

During a historic storm in February 2019, Redding received more than a foot of snow, the most since 1968. Photo by City of Redding.

The storms forecast to hit Northern California this week are turning out to be historic. As weather models show a significant drop in temperatures on Tuesday night, the snowfall is now expected to reach the lowest levels of the Sacramento Valley. This could mean potentially historic snowfall in Redding.

With the storm currently building moisture over the Pacific Ocean, weather forecasts continue to upgrade snowfall levels during the week. The most recent weather model shows something astounding – 13 inches of snow for Redding between Tuesday and Wednesday:

The snow could reach low levels of the valley on Tuesday afternoon and continue to fall throughout the night, ending on Wednesday morning.

On February 12, 2019 more than a foot of snow fell on Redding, becoming the largest storm the city has seen in 50 years. A storm of that magnitude can be crippling for an area that rarely sees snow. Downed trees and power lines caused power outages to over 20,000 residents. The traffic was vicious in town, with closures to Interstate 5 delaying big rig traffic through the I-5 corridor. The Shasta County Sheriff even declared a state of emergency due to the ill-effects of the storm.

Of course, weather forecasts are a moving target and anything can happen in regards to the precipitation and temperatures this week. It’s safe to say that snow will fall early and often this week in the mountains. The question remains how low it will go.

For anyone living in the Redding area, be prepared for potential power outages and dangerous driving conditions in town. Get ready for an epic snow day!

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