Grape Fire in Shasta-Trinity National Forest Sits at 244 Acres, 40 Percent Contained

It began as a prescribed burn but has ballooned to a 244 acre wildfire

Photo by Shasta-Trinity National Forest

The Grape Fire, sitting in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and the Six Rivers National Forest, began as a prescribed burn but has ballooned to a 244 acre wildfire. Over the past week, firefighters have cautiously battled the isolated fire and now have it 40 percent contained.

The fire is located approximately 10 miles northwest Hyampom, near Grapevine creek. Firefighters caught a break this past weekend with about a half an inch of rain falling on the area, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to fully contain the burn.

The prescribed burn got out of control on April 24th, but it’s not all bad. Officials had planned to burn much of the area that the fire spread to, and although they didn’t plan to need this many firefighters to battler the fire, the area burned is not of concern. There are no structures in its path.

There will be a community meeting on Thursday, May 3 at 4 p.m. at the volunteer fire station in Hyampom. District Rangers and District Fire Management Officers (FMO) from both the Six Rivers and the Shasta-Trinity National Forests will be available to address any question or concerns from the community.

Top priorities include public and firefighter safety, protecting private property, Pacific Gas and Electric transmission lines and natural forest stands. Personnel include 105 firefighters utilizing hand crews and fallers to construct a line around the fire.

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