Hailstorm Blankets Lassen Volcanic National Park During its Busy Birthday Weekend

Facebook/Lassen Volcanic National Park

It was supposed to be a busy weekend in Lassen Volcanic National Park. On Lassen’s 103rd birthday, the Lassen Park Foundation’s annual 2-day event, Discover Lassen, brought a fair and Hike-A-Thon to the park. Unfortunately for visitors, Mother Nature brought a weird August storm that blanketed the park’s landscape with hail.

A thunder and hailstorm slammed Lassen on Saturday, leaving the park’s landscape covered in hail and giving visitors dangerous conditions operating vehicles on the park’s highway. Officials posted photos of the rare storm to social media:

Now, that’s a lot of hail!

Nearby, lightning strikes brought a 1,000 acre fire in nearby Lassen County, one of many to hit Northern California over the weekend.

It was an unfortunate event for the visitors of the park during the busy weekend and a lesson that weather is always a factor when adventuring outdoors. Even in August, I suppose.

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