Health Advisory for Swimmers Lifted at Whiskeytown’s Whiskey Creek

The health advisory issued at Whiskeytown Lake’s Whiskey Creek swimming area has been lifted. The two-day advisory was caused by elevated levels of E. coli, posing an increased risk to recreational users of this specific beach.

“Whiskeytown National Recreation Area will continue to regularly monitor water quality at the park’s swim beaches and will notify the public when E. coli or other bacterial levels become potentially hazardous to human health,” said park officials in a statement.

E. Coli bacteria found in water is typically an indicator that some sort of fecal pollution has been placed in the water, typically from pets or wildlife. Without knowing the specific cause of the high E. Coli levels, park officials are reminding the public not to feed the wildlife, specifically the Canada Geese that like to hang around the beach area and eat human food.

You can help keep park beaches clean and safe by abiding by the following:

DO NOT FEED WILDLIFE. Whiskeytown’s Canada geese mostly live off of unnatural human food that visitors feed them. They also eat park litter and food scraps that are left behind. Since a single goose defecates approximately one to three pounds per day, they are the most likely culprit of the park’s water quality issues.

DISPOSE OF ALL TRASH AND FOOD SCRAPS IN THE BROWN, BEAR-PROOF TRASH CANS. Please pick up food scraps after picnicking and never leave food unattended.

SHOWER BEFORE GETTING INTO THE LAKE & PUT SWIM DIAPER ON BABIES AND TODDLERS. A shower before swimming can help keep the waters clean. Putting swim diapers on babies and toddlers that are not yet “potty trained” can help protect water quality as well.

USE THE RESTROOMS PROVIDED. Going to the bathroom “in Mother Nature” at Whiskeytown can pollute the water. Please only go to the bathroom in official restrooms.

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