Help Keep Dunsmuir Brewery Works Open

Photo: Dunsmuir Brewery Works

Dunsmuir, California is one of our favorite towns in Northern California. Sitting right under Mount Shasta and Castle Crags, and just a stone’s throw away from so many beautiful outdoor destinations, there are so many reasons to visit the historic town.

This great town is made even better by its fantastic brewery – Dunsmuir Brewery Works – and they need your help to stay open during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A GoFundMe has been created for the brewery to pay the bills during the Covid closures. Remember, it’s American Craft Beer Week, so think about giving a couple bucks to one of the establishments that make Dunsmuir so great:

Certainly, we have a soft spot for this brewery since we spend so much time there on our trips to NorCal’s Far North. Not only do they serve fantastic beer in the historic setting of downtown Dunsmuir, but there food may be the best in the area.

Here’s Chef Brien O’Brien doing a live food review of the brewery following a Siskiyou County waterfall adventure:

And we can’t forget that the brewery sits as the last (or first, depending on the direction) stop on the Siskiyou Beer Trail:

Support local and let’s keep this great establishment open!

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