‘400 to 500 Pounds!’ MONSTER Sturgeon Caught on Shasta Lake

Photo via Larry Teague

Fisherman Larry Teague set out on a normal day of catfish fishing on Shasta Lake recently, but he ended up with another fish on the line that would dwarf any other in the lake.

Teague, who is from Oroville, was using a bass rod and reel with 25-pound braid when he got a bite from a big fish on the Pit River arm of the lake. It took him around three hours to land the beast, and it would turn out to probably be the biggest catch of his life – a monster sturgeon!

A video was taken of the end of the three-hour battle with the fish, showing the insane size that sturgeon can grow at the bottom of Shasta Lake. While they weren’t able to weigh or measure the beast, you can hear the man in the video claiming it seemed to be between 400 and 500 pounds. At the end of the video, the fish is released and it looks to be around 15 feet long.

Watch the video of Teague landing and releasing the sturgeon, which shows the sheer size of the fish:

What an incredible catch!

The stories of giant sturgeon in Shasta Lake have been circulating for decades. The giant fish are known to hang out near the bottom of the lake, typically eluding being seen or caught.

In 2018, two fishermen found a fish dying on the shore of Shasta Lake, only to revive this monster sturgeon (it was choking on a catfish) and send it back into the depths of Shasta:

The legend of the giant sturgeon in Shasta Lake lives another day. Hoorah!

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  1. This is my gf’s fb, I had just seen that article about the sturgeon and had to check it out…great video! I love fishing up on the pit arm of Shasta, camping at the campgrounds at the flats and fishing for trout, bass and catfish/sturgeon…watching that video was like living that time and place with you Larry…I was thrilled and excited for you… memory of a lifetime! Congrats buddy…if you and your friends ever need or want another to come join in the comradery, fun and love of camping, fishing and making memories I’m your guy, Cody at ctkk47@gmail.com…again great video Larry, what a fish and what a fish story…wish I was there to share in the excitement, but watching it I felt I was kinda lol…..bass or ass…Cody peace out-fish on…

  2. Ex-husband caught one in Tillamook Bay about 40 years ago that had a head bigger than a 5 gallon bucket around. They were in a small skiff and being towed until they finally saw the fish. It was longer than the boat by 3-4′. They cut the line.

  3. There were three of us on a houseboat out of jones valley m arina on lake shasta. We spent the 1st 4 nights in the pit arm fishing for large anything. We would have freaked if something that large took my bait, not alone landing it. We were there the week of may 3rd – 11, 2020. We had a good run on small mouths but not nearly as good ad you. Great catch!!

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