Here’s How You Can Visit Whiskeytown NRA For Free this Summer

Visiting Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in the summer is a time-honored tradition for Shasta County locals. A trip to Whiskeytown Lake and its surrounding trails is the perfect way to beat the heat. Now, there’s a special way to visit beautiful recreation area without paying the entrance/parking fee.

Once again this summer, RABA and Whiskeytown NRA have partnered to provide free shuttle trips from downtown Redding to Brandy Creek Beach, with zero fee incorporated for visiting the area. The bus will run Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays (excluding holidays) from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm from May 26 through September 3.

Here’s the full schedule of the shuttle:

The bus fare is being provided by the State of California via the Low Carbon Transportation Operations Program. This is the perfect way to limit vehicle traffic in Whiskeytown while accommodating potential visitors not wanting to pay the fee associated with the park.

Whiskeytown NRA is one of the premiere outdoor destinations in Shasta County in the summer. For more information on what to do in Whiskeytown this summer, read our Complete Guide to Enjoying Whiskeytown National Recreation Area this Summer.

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