Hiker Encounters Crouching Bobcat Near Lake Tahoe

You never know what you might find when hiking in the wilderness. Beautiful views and exercise are typically on the menu but sometimes you may even come across some wildlife. As long as there’s no confrontation, it can be a wondrous experience.

A hiker near Lake Tahoe recently came across some wildlife that was both beautiful and terrifying. Kristin Addis recently shared her experience of seeing a crouching bobcat to her popular Instagram page:

“I think this is a bobcat (?) looking right at me as I rounded the corner of the trail. I’m often in my own world so thanks to G for realizing he was there before I scared him away. Such a cool experience, and one of many reasons why I so love the Sierras.”

What an awesome encounter. Although these little bobcats can be dangerous if aggressive, they usually stay to themselves.

While they are rarely seen, these little bobcats are known to live in the Tahoe area. Check out this video of a BIG one just strolling down the street:

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