Hiking the 2,650-Mile Pacific Crest Trail in 5 Minutes

Seeing pieces of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) around NorCal throughout my childhood generated a serious curiosity about this grueling hike from Mexico to Canada. In my “adult” years (using quotations to question how adult I really am), hiking the PCT has turned into a down-right obsession. It’s on my bucket list, although I can’t imagine being able to take off into the wilderness for 3 months in any stage of my life. But this doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

Among avid outdoorsmen and women, completing the PCT ranks among challenges like finishing an ironman race or swimming across the English Channel. Starting at the Mexican border and stretching 2,650 miles through NorCal to Canada, the PCT careens through scorching desert, snowy granite mountains and dense forest.

So watching this 5-minute timelapse of the complete hike of the PCT is an amazing inspiration. Maybe someday, I’ll attempt the feat. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through the adventures of others. Check out the video:

Here is the description from the creator:

Last summer I walked the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail in its entirety. Along the way I took hundreds of videos and learned how to play the ukulele. The song in this video is one I composed myself on trail. As part of our hike we raised money for an organization called Hike for Mental Health. Check them out here: www.hikeformentalhealth.org

Zach O'Brien

Zach O'Brien is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Active NorCal

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