How You Can Help Keep Tahoe Blue During Fourth-of-July Celebrations

Lake Tahoe is a summer paradise, offering clear skies, warm sand, and pristine blue waters. However, maintaining its beauty requires collective efforts from nonprofits, public agencies, businesses, and organizations. The League to Save Lake Tahoe is urging visitors to help “Keep Tahoe Blue” by following simple guidelines and participating in cleanup activities.

“The best way to show your love for Lake Tahoe is to leave it better than you found it,” said Jesse Patterson, Chief Strategy Officer of the League to Save Lake Tahoe.

The busiest day at Lake Tahoe each summer is July 4th, often resulting in litter. To combat this, the League hosts the annual “Keep Tahoe, Red, White & Blue” cleanup on July 5th at various sites around the lake. This year’s event, the 11th annual cleanup, welcomes all volunteers to join and help preserve Tahoe’s natural beauty. Volunteers collect data on the type, number, weight, and volume of trash, which aids in creating preventive measures against littering.

The data collected from cleanups has led to significant environmental improvements, including bans on plastic bags, Styrofoam, and single-use plastic bottles in certain areas. The League collaborates with public and private partners to implement these changes.

For the July 4th holiday weekend, Aramark Destinations is enhancing facilities at Zephyr Cove and Shoals by adding 39 restrooms, handwashing stations, and trash receptacles. Additional security and land management staff will be present, and the Douglas County Sheriff will increase their presence. Temporary fencing and designated parking areas will help manage traffic and ensure safety.

Each beach at Lake Tahoe faces unique challenges. To address these, the League has launched the Tahoe Blue Beaches program, focusing on improving facilities, education, and enforcement. This summer, the program will be pilot-tested at Zephyr Cove and Shoals in partnership with Aramark Destinations.

How You Can Help

Visitors are encouraged to:

  • Dispose of all trash properly.
  • Use reusable bottles and utensils.
  • Avoid leaving food scraps, which can harm wildlife.
  • Carpool, bike, or use alternative transportation.
  • Pack a beach bag with reusable items, trash bags, and pet waste bags if needed.

Let’s work together to Keep Tahoe Blue this summer and for generations to come. For more information and to register for cleanup events, visit Keep Tahoe Blue.

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