How’d That Get There?! Dead Coyote Found Dangling from Tree in Mammoth

There are a lot of things in nature that can be very hard to explain. Finding a a dead coyote hanging high above the ground in a tree definitely fits that scenario.

A photo was taken by Meghan Smith at Sierra Star Golf Course in Mammoth recently showing a coyote corpse dangling high above the ground in a tree. That must have been startling to find:

No one knows exactly how this coyote got in the tree, but the most likely scenario is that a predator stored it up there to eat later. It was probably a mountain lion, but could have also been a bear. We won’t even get into the whole Sasquatch theory…

The point of the matter is that wildlife is one interesting beast. When you look up at a tree, you probably don’t imagine that it could be the dinner table for a a giant animal. In my opinion, that’s pretty darn cool.

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